The Kyoto Connection is a musical voyage. A step into the inner universe through a mixture of electronic ambients, melodies, and japanese sounds. Inspired by the emotions, colors and feelings of the traditional japanese culture, the music of The Kyoto Connection explores different ways and musical genres to reach a unique experience. 

11 years of musical development have turned into ten albums with more than 2 millon downloads world-wide.

Kyoto Soundscapes

Urban sounds become music

Our aim is to reveal the subtle music of the city. Using field-recording sounds of the streets, the people, the temples, the birds, etc. we compose pieces to inspire and connect.

Our first album was released in 2016 thanks to Roberto Gluck, an argentinian software developer who travelled to Kyoto and recorded sounds with his iPhone.

If you are from Kyoto (or if you’re about to travel) you can collaborate with our project! Feel free to contact us.

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Kyoto Soundscapes on Instagram

9 micro-pieces composed
using field recording sounds of Kyoto city

Visit our Instagram-only musical release: 9 micro-pieces inspired on some of the most important spots of Kyoto City. Follow @KyotoSoundscapes on Instagram, put your headphones on and experience and unique musical voyage. 

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Posctards 葉書 (2018)

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The Middlde Way (2016)

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Kyoto Soundscapes (2016)

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A Christmas Meditation (2016)


Wake Up (2013)

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Father - Son (2011)


No Headphones Required (2010)

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The Second Voyage (2008)

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The First Voyage (2006)

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Since 2006, we are an independent music project. Everything´s done with love and passion. And because we want to spread our music to as many people as possible, we need your help.

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